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Subjects offered

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We Have A Variety Of Subjects To Choose From

We offer the following subjects:

  • Languages:

    • English First Language

    • English Literature

    • Afrikaans Second Language

    • French

    • Spanish

    • Italian

  • Physical Sciences

    • Physics

    • Chemistry

    • Biology

  • Engineering

    • Mathematics

    • Mechanics

    • Computer Science

    • Statistics


  • Business

    • Accounting

    • Economics

    • Business Studies


Any questions that have not been answered here, will be covered by our VTC House principal during your meeting with her so don't hesitate to ask any questions that you might have to her, during that meeting. We can set up a skype meeting or a face to face meeting depending on what is easier for you.

We look forward to meeting you and your child.

  • Other subjects

    • Geography

    • History

    • Psychology

    • Sociology

    • Development Studies

    • Travel and Tourism

    • Environmental Management

    • Art and Design

Please don't hesitate to query with us about another subject that is not listed above as often the comprehensive list does not always update to the website in time.

Determining the number of subjects depends on your child's academic goals, namely Grade 11 Equivalent, a Senior certificate (Standard Grade) or a Matric Exemption. 

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