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  • Are Cambridge qualifications acceptable at universities?
    Cambridge qualifications are widely accepted and valued by universities in South Africa and around the world, including MIT, Harvard and Cambridge.
  • How does the Cambridge Qualification compare to a Grade 12 certificate?
    Students can be confident that their Cambridge O Level qualification and Cambridge International AS - & A Level qualifications are accepted as equivalent to a Grade 12 certificate.
  • Why Choose Cambridge?
    * Flexibility of subject choice and qualification. Cambridge has a range of subjects to choose from giving the student more flexibility in choosing the subjects that they would like to focus on. In addition, with various qualifications available, it enables the student to shape their curriculum to their own customized needs and abilities. * Valued by universities. Cambridge qualifications are well accepted and highly valued by universities and tertiary institutions in South Africa and worldwide. * Students can work at their own pace. With the Cambridge qualification examinations available to be written any time a student is ready, twice a year, it allows students who work harder than their peers to finish school earlier than government school cirricula. Likewise it also allows students that need a bit more time to understand the work, to work at a pace that is best for them to achieve success. This results in students being able to build more confidence and create their own a customized learning journey. * The freedom to think and to question independently. Students are taught to not just accept things the things that they are taught in their cirriculum but rather to question and think independently. * Quality education. Cambridge qualifications help students to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. By choosing Cambridge you will be giving your students a solid foundation for achieving high levels of academic and personal success.
  • How is VTC House different to a normal high school?
    Utilising the Cambridge syllabus, which is a highly respected, VTC House gives students the ability to develop a deeper understanding of subjects and through refined and interactive teaching techniques, students are given the skills to be able to delve into their chosen subjects at a more comprehensive level. VTC House is much more than a normal school as it prides itself in it's 1-on-1 teaching, and small group focus while our structured approach to develop customised educational programmes that fit the needs of each indivual to help each of them grow to reach their full potential and best prepare them for their exams and for the world after school.
  • What's the best Tuition Option for my child?
    It's advised to consider the various campus tuition options below and discuss this with the principal during your interview before deciding on which option is best suited for your child. ​ Each child is different and after accumulating over a 15 years of experience, we are skilled at identifying the best option for each child in order for them to reach their full potential in their academic exams. ​ We offer both Cambridge cirricula as well as GED (USA) cirricula. Please go to the Academics/Tuition page for more information relating to this.
  • What's the difference between Campus and Online Tuition Options?​
    Campus Tuition Options: For those staying in the Cape Town area, we offer face to face tuition at our campus based in Fish Hoek. Many parents prefer this option as their children are not self-disciplined enough to study effectively on their own from home so our VTC House structured and disciplined approach serves these students well. ​ Online Tuition Options: For those that have children that prefer to work remotely, VTC House offers uses education technology in our online platform to facilitate classes over the internet.
  • What's the difference between Full-Time and Part-Time Tuition Options?
    Part-Time students study at home and come in to the VTC campus for specific lessons per subject and progress monitoring sessions from our team of dedicated teachers. There is also scheduled tests and internal exams (which are included in the fees) prepared for your child to give them the best chance of passing their CIE exams.​ This Part Time Tuition Option is perfect for: ​ 1. Those students that only have a few subjects that they need to write examinations for compared to the full time number of subjects; 2. Parents that have students that have strong self-discipline and structure to be able to study at home unsupervised; 3. Parents that are looking for a more affordable option of tuition compared to the full time option, where their child can still get many of the benefits of having a dedicated team of teachers to assist their child prepare them to be successful in their exams. ​Full-Time students come to the VTC campus daily, where they have an allocated work space to study where a teacher oversees that they remained focus on their work. They receive classes and progress monitoring sessions (which are included in the fees) from our team of dedicated teachers. There is also supervision and extra assistance from teachers available between scheduled classes, as well as scheduled tests and internal exams prepared for your child to give them the best chance of passing their CIE exams. ​ This Full-Time Tuition Option is perfect for: 1. Parents who prefer to have their child learn in a structured environment, and which would like to ensure that their child receives the maximum benefit of all that VTC House as to offer, in order to have the best chance of succeeding in their exams; 2. Parents who's children have come from a government school environment and would like their child to have a smooth transition into a new education system and learning environment. 3. Parents with children that have struggled in larger class environments, that need more 1-on-1 teacher attention in order to help them succeed.
  • What are your opening hours?
    Our office hours are from 07h30 until 17h00 and our classes start at 08h00. We do offer extra lessons from 14h00 to 19h00.
  • Do you offer sport?
    We have partnered with Fish Hoek High School where any of our students can take part in any of their sport offered including the list below (for a small fee), which a few of our students have joined to ensure that they don't miss out on participating in their favourite sport. SUMMER Boys: Athletics, cricket, water polo, swimming (subject to water restrictions), tennis, basketball, fencing, surfing and body boarding. Girls: Athletics, swimming, tennis, water polo, fencing, softball, basketball, indoor hockey, surfing and body boarding. WINTER Boys: Rugby, hockey, badminton, squash, cross-country, soccer (squad) surfing (squad), fencing, body boarding. Girls: Hockey, netball, badminton, soccer, squash, cross-country, fencing and body boarding.
  • What grade do you start from?
    We start from Grade 8 so if your child is in Grade 7, and you're looking for a high school for next year, please come chat to us.
  • Do the students wear a school uniform?
    At VTC House, our students don't have to wear a school uniform as we believe that children seem to study more effectively if they are wearing comfortable clothes. We do have some standards in terms of what type of clothing styles are not acceptable as they might be too revealing or may distract other students unnecessarily but we can share that with you when you come and meet with us.
  • How much do your fees cost?
    We don't share our fees on our website as we find that each specific child's best tuition option can only be determined after we ask certain questions to you to find out more about your child and their current needs and aspirations, which happens when our principal meets with you but if you email us on the contact us section below, we will gladly send you the fee structure.
  • Are you a boarding school?
    No, we are not a boarding school and does not provide any form of accommodation for it's students. For campus students, they travel to campus from their homes each week day, and for online studetns, they connect via the internet.
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