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Are smaller classrooms the solution?

Did you know that class size has significant impact on the overall schooling outcome of a child?

In traditional government high schools in Cape Town, a teacher handles up to forty children in a class at a time. In such a setting, a child receives much less personal attention and support from the teacher.

In a crowded class, maintaining discipline takes tremendous effort and a teacher has limited flexibility to tailor the instruction to suit individual needs. These factors can restrict children from realizing their full potential and it affects their overall achievement levels.

On the other hand, a reduced class size will drastically improve your child’s educational outcomes. In smaller classrooms, there is immense focus on individualized learning. Teachers interact one-on-one to identify each child’s needs and areas that need improvement. They adjust their teaching method to suit different learning needs and use various enrichment activities to ensure high school children gain better understanding of key concepts.

Even shy students thrive in small classroom or 1-on-1 teaching environments as they have many opportunities to interact with teachers and participate in class activities. Children have better access to study resources, which enables them to understand their lessons better.

Smaller groups motivate high school children to be attentive to course work as they cannot hide behind others. Teachers can easily spot and correct mistakes, address concerns and clarify doubts. This personalized and prompt feedback enhances the learning process.

As teachers place more emphasis on quality of work, students realize that they are responsible for their performances. So, they naturally work towards achieving higher academic grades. They also develop more confidence in their abilities, as teachers encourage them to master skills and gain more knowledge.

Thus, small classrooms in high school are constructive and enriching environments for children in Cape Town to not only achieve better academic results, but also enjoy and benefit from their education. Make class size a priority when researching schools in Cape Town, and it will undeniably be one of the wisest decisions you make for your child.

At VTC House, our focus has been on focusing on 1-on-1 teaching and very small groups to ensure that each student gets the most focused learning environment for them to thrive in, and with our 98% pass rate year after year, our results clearly speak for themselves.

If you want to find out more information, email us at and we'll contact you to tell you know more about VTC House.


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